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It Remains...NOT YET!


Dear Ardmore Family,


It has been so many Sundays ago that "Coronatide" began.  However, it does my heart and soul good to have seen us adapt and worship, meet, gather and study via LiveStream.  I am honored to serve alongside you in these chaotic times.  We are working hard to stay connected to you all in the midst of this and I yearn for the time when we can gather together, but the time is NOT YET!  We will let you know in the next few weeks what the detailed plan is for coming together will look like. 


In addition to this, we have seen the racial tension in our world, country, and community grow immensely over the past few months as racism continues to rear its demonic head.  Peronally, I have run the gamut of emotions as I have listened, watched, cried, walked, and slogged on in this journey towards equity, transformation, and wholeness.  This journey which, I believe, Christ calls us all to walk.


Below I have attached a letter which I have been a part of developing and I encourage you to read it.  It is from a number of us pastors in Winston who serve predominantly white churches.  In these times I invite you to join me in lamenting, standing in solidarity and sharing Christian hope, listening and learning, acting, and praying. Through our corporate efforts as the church we can abate racism and discrimination in our community and world!


These times are tough.  We will get through it.  We will get together again, but NOT YET.  Moments like these provide opportunities for us to grow and we will!


Love to you all,




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