follow Jesus

In John's gospel Jesus says, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except me." We strive to follow the life and example of Christ as mandated in the Scriptures.

make disciples

The reciprocal nature of teaching is no accident, and especially within the church setting. At Ardmore we learn from each other, we value Christian education, and we strive to share our knowledge.

transform the world

Changing the world is a daunting task, and it is

not possible without the example of our Lord Jesus Christ. Christ is our perfect guide to leading us in bringing God's kingdom to this earth. 


We are located in the historic Ardmore district of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and our

sanctuary building was distinctively constructed on the highest point in the city. 

Our steeple is visible on the horizon from literally miles away as you enter

Winston-Salem, and this symbolism is not missed. Our desire is to be a beacon of

hope to all people: a place where God is sovereign, the person of Jesus Christ

is evident, and the Holy Spirit lives and dwells. 

Come worship with us, come serve with us! We offer one Sunday service at 10:30 a.m., following our Sunday school hour, 

and we have a host of ongoing ministry opportunities.

Our sense of mission is very strong, and there are abundant ways in which you can serve.

Join us in our Fellowship Hall on Wednesdays for our weekly dinner, and attend a small

group or Bible study afterward. If you're interested in joining or would like

more information,please contact one of our pastors, or call our church office.​

Please also feel free to send us a message using the contact form below.


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