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2024 Generosity Pledge

Prayerfully committing to God’s future

Stewardship is an important part of our Church and community life. Your financial gifts & gifts of your time and talents allow for the continued care for our facilities, to take care of our staff, make an impact for each other, our neighbors, and beyond.

We ask you to take time in the coming weeks for thoughtful prayer on how you might continue to be good stewards as members of Ardmore United Methodist Church in 2024.

Let us commit to God’s future as we connect to God, one another, and the world through our stewardship at Ardmore.

We recognize that it is impossible to know what the future holds. Life happens and sometimes what we once thought was possible may no longer be.

The above commitments are intended to be a personal goal for each person or family who makes them, an effort to grow in generosity and grace, and to trust God with all that we have.