Room 121 - Birth, one and two year-olds

Room 120 - Three, four, and five year-olds

Room 216 - Kindergarten through 5th grade

Kindergarten students and older are asked to stay with their families during worship.


Children's Ministry of Ardmore United Methodist Church


Come join the fun on Wednesday, September 19th from 6:15 to 7:00 pm in Room 218 as we begin a new year of our Children's Ministry, GROW, which will coincide with Children's Choirs. 


We are also in need of more volunteers to give our children’s ministry at Ardmore a chance to grow and flourish! Please consider giving a little of your time on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings. 


For information on children's activities, please contact Loida Slate at or (336)723-3695 ext. 105.






We begin a new season this fall of children’s choirs which will coincide with special activities and crafts for children (pre-K through 5th grade).  We have a new day and time -- Wednesday evenings beginning September 19th from 6:15-7:00 p.m. and we will gather in Room 218.  All children are welcome! 


For information on the Children's Choirs, please contact Matthew Bacon at



A huge THANK YOU to the many volunteers and churches that helped to make VBS a big success this year!  It was truly a community effort.  Jesus rescues!